Themed Briefing - August 2021

Sport with Young Offenders

Sport is an integral part of young people’s lives, but the power of sport is even greater for young offenders. Sport and physical activity act as an important avenue to:

  • Support young offenders’ physical and mental health
  • Prevent antisocial behaviour
  • Help build positive relationships
  • Develop key life skills
  • Connect young people with their local communities
This month, we hear from 3Pillars Project to discuss a sports-based mentoring programme for young people in the criminal justice system, Gloves Not Gunz who share their experience of how sport can be utilised to support young offenders, and some additional resources from our friends at Street Games.

3Pillars Project

3Pillars Project’s vision is to deliver the world’s leading sports-based mentoring programme for young men in the criminal justice system. 

The 3Pillars team provides exciting insight about GAMEPLAN, their latest intervention. They explain how they engage with their community, describe what they focus on and state what services and support they offer to their young people.

Read the full transcript here

Gloves Not Gunz

Gloves Not Gunz specialises in using sport as a tool to engage and create change with young people. They aim to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour through education, diversion activities, community cohesion and building positive relationships. 

Adam Ballard, co-founder and director of Gloves Not Gunz, speaks about engagement with youth offenders, issues they’ve faced, procedures they’ve developed and the impact their work has had on young people and their communities. 

Read the full transcript here

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