Themed Briefing - March 2021

Women Can Change The World (and are doing just that)

In honour of International Women’s Day taking place this month, we feature three incredible female-founded and led organisations taking on the challenge of carving the way ahead for women to feel empowered to be more active.

Women face many barriers and challenges including gender disparity when it comes to pay, inequality in the workplace and on the sports pitch and marginalised based purely on gender. These challenges have been exacerbated by Covid-19 making it more difficult for women to find the time to be active with many juggling caring responsibilities with work and home-schooling.

Our themed briefing this month looks to highlight some of the great work being done to support women on their journey to living an active lifestyle whilst recognising that it is not always easy.

There is strength and power in women supporting, encouraging and building up other women. 

Her Spirit

Co-founder of Her Spirit, Holly Woodford, shares how Her Spirt was born and the importance of being a platform for women that is holistically built on mind, body and fuel.

Community is the fire in the belly of Her Spirit; a community that supports women to be active and importantly, stay active. The platform helps women to achieve their goals in a strong and supportive environment, encouraging women to try new things.

With research suggesting that 78% of women are not active enough to achieve a health benefit, Her Spirit is on a mission to help women avoid health conditions through physical activity and social connection.


Full transcript available HERE.

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Hey Girls

Hey Girls, founded by Celia and her two daughters Becky and Kate, are on a mission to eradicate period poverty in the UK 

This social enterprise donates period products across the UK for every product purchased working to remove barriers, keeping young people in school, encouraging participation in sport and supporting good health. 

Their products are plastic-free and the work-force is made up of mums returning to work. They’ve even done a collaboration with superstar Michael Sheen!

Hey Girls is about period dignity, and recognises the importance of providing period care in the workplace.

Cheeky, not clinical.

Full transcript available HERE.

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This Mum Runs 

Mel Bound, founder and CEO of This Mum Runs believes that the power of community can change the world.

1 in 3 women globally are moving so little that their long term health is impacted. Despite the fact that the fitness industry has boomed, the impact on our activity levels has not changed as a result.

Women have also been disproportionately affected by the pandemic – a drop in physical activity has reduced life expectancy by almost four months.

Mel shares her story of being very active, running as a child and loving it to becoming inactive after spinal surgery and becoming a mum. Feeling unfit and time- poor, Mel put out a social media post that resulted in 75 women turning up to run with Mel!

This Mum Runs became a community that definitely extends far and wide from just the running aspect. It is about building other women up and supporting them in a pressure free enviroment.


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