Themed Briefing - May 2020

This month we bring you the second instalment of our virtual themed briefings, with this month’s theme as: 

Digital and tech responses to Covid-19.

The following videos will be focusing on the innovative ways tech and digital products have been utilised to support physical activity in lockdown times; exploring the ways activities can and have been moved into the online space and the digital product providers who have stepped up to support new ways to stay active.

Speaker: Chris Norfield

Chris Norfield leads on targeted digital marketing and behaviour change for physical activity in sport at London Sport

In this video, Chris talks about how you can use digital and online delivery to keep people active. This video has been taken from the second episode of ‘Talking Covid-19 and Sport: Active at Home’. To see the full webinar, click here

For further information on live streaming, see the guides produced by imin

You can also see London Sport’s list of resources in response to the covid-19 outbreak, here

Speaker: Patrick Colbeck

Patrick will be talking about the ‘Active at Home’ database by the Sport Tech Hub and their partners to help people get active. 

Read more about how FitTech, SportTech and HealthTech are supporting activity at home, here

Access the ‘Active at Home’ database, here

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