Themed Briefing - October 2020

Innovation Through Covid-19 – Adapting, Transforming, Growing.

This month, three organisations share how they have managed to adapt in the crisis of Covid-19, a crisis that has forced them to re-think and transform. 
Through hard work and determination, they have managed to not only continue to reach their communities and work with them in innovative ways, but to positively thrive and develop what they do and come out stronger with valuable learnings in the process.

Football Matcher

Football Matcher was built on a vision of getting more people playing football by removing barriers and making it really easy to organise games.

The digital concept, a football loving social network to match players to the right game,  launched towards the end of 2019 and then Covid came along presenting a whole new set of challenges.

The team share how they adapted and innovated through the pandemic, with the aim of becoming part of the Covid-19 crisis solution when it comes to physical activity. They shifted their focus to messaging to be more relevant to the current situation and have adopted new ways and functionality to support the return to play.

Full transcript of the presentation available HERE.

Step Change Studios 

Founder of Step Change Studios, Rashmi Becker takes us through how, as an organisation, they have really managed to think outside of the box and ‘step up’ to the challenge of adapting the ways they work to continue to reach people through dance.

Rashmi shares the ways they have managed to adapt as the Covid situation evolved encompassing thinking about accessible guidance and resources and a real innovative focus on how to think about and utilise spaces for participants.

There are some wonderful reflections on how to work with your community and keep connected even in challenging times.

The presentation finishes with #SilverShowbiz, a celebration of older people with the creation of an online dance challenge.

Full transcript of the presentation available HERE.

Good Boost

Good Boost‘s AI-powered technology supports those living with MSK issues to exercise in water with digital wellbeing offerings in swimming pool spaces.

Lockdown and the closure of swimming pools meant that Good Boost had to change the way they did things in order to continue supporting the community they work with.

Ben Wilkins, CEO of Good Boost shares how they adapted the technology to transform any place into a therapeutic space and what they have learned along this challenging journey and how Covid has actually proved to be an opportunity for Good Boost to improve it’s offering, providing even more opportunities for people.

Full transcript of the presentation available HERE.

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