Themed Briefing - September 2020

Intergenerational Sports – Bringing people together from different generations through the power of physical activity.

Perhaps now more than ever before, we have seen intergenerational sport and physical activity in action with households joined together as a result of the pandemic taking part in joint exercise. During lockdown, with school clubs cancelled, gyms and fitness studios closed, the traditional delineation between how individuals from different age groups took part in physical activity became less defined.

This month, we look at the importance of these cross-generational relationships and partnerships and how physical activity can be used as a real force for good in building connection, breaking down barriers and making a difference. 

Women In Sport

Lee Warren, Innovation Manager at Women in Sport, talks about the Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered programme sharing the learnings and insights from the programme and why encouraging families to get active with their children is so important.

Accompanying transcript for the video recording is available HERE.


Silverfit founder Eddie Brocklesby outlines the 10 challenge. Launched in collaboration with TSB the challenge aims to pair people from different generations to run, walk or jog a distance related to the number 10.

When younger and older people interact and share experiences, there is a reduction in depression, cognitive decline and dementia in the over 65’s.

Further information about the challenge can be found HERE.

Youth Sport Trust 

Ali Goodall, Senior Innovations Manager at Youth Sport Trust takes us through the Active Across Ages project, an intergenerational programme that brings together young people and older adults through physical activity.

Ali shares an overview of the project and the key insights learned so far. The comments from participants involved in the project really highlight how the programme is being used to tackle loneliness in older people as well as empowering young people to feel like they are making a valuable difference. All through the power of physical activity. 

Accompanying transcript for the presentation is available HERE.

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