Themed Briefing - September 2021

Inclusion in Sport

Regardless of age, gender, ability, cultural or religious background or sexual orientation, everyone should have equal opportunities to engage in physical activity and sport. Unfortunately, physical activity and sport isn’t reflective of our current society, which means that every sports organisation should strive to facilitate equality, diversity and inclusion. We must ensure that everyone feels like they can take part in physical activity and sport.

To move forward quickly and effectively as a sector, collaboration is vital. Reflecting, sharing best practice and communicating key learning within our industry will help physical activity and sport become increasingly equal, diverse and inclusive.

This month, we’ve collaborated with The FA who provide insight into their current work on equality, diversity and inclusion, discuss their best practice and share their learning, as well as Energise Me, who speak about their ‘Pride in Our Workforce’ project which helps enable workforces to support LGBT+ communities in sport.  

The FA

Edleen John, The FA’s International Relations, Corporate Affairs and Co-Partner for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Director, joined House of Sport in a Q&A session to discuss the importance of inclusion in football and wider sport. 

Edleen highlights the FA’s current priorities to facilitate equality, diversity and inclusion, speaks about their recent Football Leadership Diversity Code, as well as their future plans.

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Energise Me

Energise Me is a charity that champions physical activity for all in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and are one of 42 Active Partnerships working to create an active nation.

Sophie Burton (Strategic Lead for Insight and Workforce) and Helen Beckley (Project Officer: Workforce) discuss how their Pride in Our Workforce project is enabling the workforce to support and encourage LGBT+ participation in physical activity and sport. 

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