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As we continue our series of checking in with some of our residents from around the House as they navigate their way through lockdown, this month we get chatting to Tim Underhill. Tim is the founder of SportonSpec which aims to guide people to the best sporting action taking place locally and he also plays a huge part in keeping the House of Sport community active.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many a challenge for everyone, but Tim is still managing to keep a sense of humour. Here he shares what he has learnt over the last few months.

Learnings of Lockdown, aka LoL. 

Yes straight off the bat that would be the first one.  The importance of having a laugh.  Always.  Whether a spot of banter with friends and family on a video call, or an amusing What’s App clip, I’m pretty sure the force is uniquely strong from endorphins released courtesy of a chuckle.  Just how strong is no doubt something Google could clarify …

Which leads me onto the Internet.  Or should that be our digital surroundings – where pretty much the entire font of global knowledge is accessible with a couple of clicks.  Not to mention enough podcasts, audio books and music to last a gazillion lifetimes.  Largely grounded by coronavirus for extended periods of time, but with passable WIFI, the realisation is real there is no excuse ever to say you are bored.  But if you are there’s always Twitter to dive into and have a massive rant and/or argument that you really didn’t need, or want to have.  Choices!

Personally, Strava is more amenable.  No one has yet trolled one of my runs in all the 7 months I’ve been trying to outrun the virus.  Good vibes only – it’s recommended.  A pair of running, nay walking shoes, or a bike is required, but the pace is yours to choose.  And there’s nothing to lose.  Like literally, as its free to sign up.  Talking of which hit me up! @timthejab

(Pre-lockdown) House of Sport Intervals with Tim

Waffling.  Meets waffles.  Birds Eye to be precise.  Without doubt my greatest (culinary) discovery of lockdown.  Brunch will never be the same again.  Scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and a slice of toast served up with the icing on the cake; the mighty (x2) waffles.  I can’t believe but for lockdown I may never have enjoyed that combo.  Give it a whirl and tell me it isn’t a winner! 

Two men running side by side in a park
Tim (left) taking on a running challenge

What happens next?

I read somewhere, courtesy of someone who sounded like they knew what they were talking about, it takes 66 days for a human being to change a habit.  Something I have been rather keen to tell anyone who is interested to listen.  Reason being that while not socialising, or going out much, has become a bit of a 2020 thing, on the flip side it’s entirely reversible.  The idea that shared experiences at live sport/gigs/shows et al won’t somehow return in all their former glories – is fake news!  Relish the moment when the T-minus 66 days countdown back to the future has lift-off and Covid’s crafty learned behaviour can be unravelled.

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