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Our homes have now become our workplaces. Kitchen tables repurposed into desk spaces. Book shelves transformed to create optimum screen height. All of those carefully constructed lines defining work-life from home-life have become somewhat blurry without that daily transition to an entirely different physical office space.

But perhaps the WFH life offers us a new, rare insight into the lives and homes of our work colleagues that we might not otherwise get to experience; we get to see our co-workers in their natural habitat. What do their kitchens look like? What pictures do they have up on their walls? Maybe this level of insight, of intimacy, serve to make us more connected and perhaps, more human?

So what happens to a co-working space like ours when everyone has to work from home? We caught up with a few of our residents to see how they are getting on…

Heather, Associate Head of Innovation, Women in Sport

What is helping you stay sane right now?

As a household we have been doing a weekly ‘Come Dine with Me’ evening, so we take it in turns to cook a three course meal and pick the wine. It has been a night to look forward to each week, we have been to France, America and Spain through our cuisine and one evening turned into a kitchen disco!

Of course, exercising is featuring heavily on this one as well, I am really lucky that my gym have been running online classes and even lent out equipment quite early on so I have been able to keep a lot of my training up and connecting with my friends each day. They recently started an online class where we can work on our handstands so learning some new tricks as well!

House of Sport at home dinner
Kitchen Creations and at home workouts keeping Heather sane in lockdown

Last good film you watched?

I actually haven’t watched many movies since lockdown, Ladybird with Saoirse Ronan was probably the most recent which was great. I’ve also watched the Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary, Becoming that I would say is worth a watch. Very up-lifiting and of course the feminist in me loved it!

Any great kitchen creations in lockdown?

So I have tried a few things! A baked cheesecake, pavlova and some cinnamon buns are probably some of my best bakes. But of course for the Come Dine With Me I have had to nail the full meals so pulled pork, chicken wings, homemade burgers and a good roast dinner have all featured.

Tom, co-founder of Played

Photo of Tom Marley

What are your top 3 songs to run to?

Power – Kanye West, Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles, Still DRE – Dr Dre.

Best comfort TV right now?

Michael Jordan: The Last Dance.

First thing you do when you wake up?


Joelle, Head of Commercial at BaseballSoftballUK

What are your top tips for switching off in the evening?

Joelle on a dog walk

Just started watching live shows which are so much fun and quirky, like ventroliquist Nina Conti and Monkey on Monday evening. It was basically like any of the endless Zoom calls we’re all doing now but way funnier, especially when Nina accidentally tore off Monkey’s head and had to bring in a back up. Also a viewing of Fleabag at Soho Theatre which was sold out when I tried to buy tickets earlier this year, then maybe National Theatre at Home on a Thursday.

Bonus is that proceeds for watching shows go to charity. There’s so much exceptional stuff out there to break up Netflix bingeing!

Last good song you listened to?

I’m back listening to Angus and Julia’s Heart Full of Wine from 2007. They’re from Sydney and the album is bringing back memories from my year travelling around Australia. Songs like ‘Mango Tree’ and ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ are peaceful, fairly melancholic and definitely easy to work along to.

Have you developed any new routines or rituals in lockdown?

I’m busy with work but have slowed down too in some respects. The working week now generally starts with a dog walk and breakfast, often with my wife, a primary school teacher who would ordinarily leave the house at 7 am. Sometimes we even get to have lunch together! These are very strange times but with some welcome consequences and, like many people, I hope the good bits can become the new normal.

Helen, Partnerships Manager, Sported

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Say to myself that today is going to be a good day then normally get jumped on by a chatty, hyper 7 year old.

Favourite at home workout?

HIIT session on a Friday and The Flexible Warrior yoga.

Any new rituals or routines developed in lockdown?

The Friday HIIT session for the rugby old girls. We take it in turns to host and run the session and then have a beer and a chat afterwards (beer and/or exercise optional!)

Kimberley, Head of Operations at House of Sport

What is helping you stay sane right now?

Going for my 11:00 walk!

What are you currently reading?

Two on the go at the moment, connected to each other;What to Expect when you’re Adopting’, Dr. Ian Palmer/‘The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting’, Sarah Naish

Any new rituals or routines developed in lockdown?

I have started the couch to 5 km podcast to get back into running properly.

Last good film or TV show that you watched?

All the Star Wars films in order (we love our Disney + subscription!)

Joe, Street League

Best piece of advice you’ve been given during lockdown?

Photo of vegan meal
Vegan veg-box delights

When working from home, keep some sort of routine, get up at the usual time, take breaks and a lunch break, do exercise and then finish at an appropriate time!

What is the last good album you listened to?

Austra, Hirudin and I Break Horses, Warnings have been my most recent listens…

Favourite at home workout?

Leave the home! Walk or run. I’m running every day during lockdown, just to get outside, current streak is 50 days!

Any great kitchen creations during lockdown?

Cooking for me involves ordering a veg box from Tram Store and making various combinations. Chickpeas, pasta, sweet potato dishes feature in most meals supplemented by the odd vegan take away of course.

Rosemary, Operations Manager, Centre for Physical Education, Sport and Activity

What is helping you stay sane right now?

My daily exercise outing is the main one. I normally get most of my exercise through commuting or team sports (tag rugby and contact women’s rugby) so finding intrinsic motivation without any social incentive is a bit of a challenge for me. Of course, I really notice the difference after going and especially how much it boosts my resilience to the situation. I’m also enjoying staying connected with people through virtual platforms. At work for example, we’ve been hosting ‘Let’s Chat Phys Ed’ Zoom sessions every Friday at 1pm and I really look forward to these opportunities to share ideas in a group setting each week. I strongly encourage anyone who works in physical activity in a school setting to join in! You can find details on our Twitter account each week @CPESA_Kingston.

What are you currently reading?

I’ve just finished reading ‘Invisible Women’ by Caroline Criado Perez which is essentially a call-to-action for more sex disaggregated data in research (talk about eye opening!) and I’m about to start reading ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I only really function in the morning with the aid of caffeine, so drinking coffee is my morning priority. Then I check my phone for the news headlines and send a few messages to friends and family in Australia while they’re still awake, before starting my work day.

Photo of women's rugby team, work-life home-life
Missing the team sports

While we all find ourselves physically distanced from one another for now, this brief glimpse into the lives of others reminds us that we are all still very much connected.

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