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London Healthy Workplace Award for Communal Workspaces

What is it?

For supporting the health and wellbeing of our Residents and Associate Members, House of Sport was awarded the London Healthy Workplace Award for Communal Workspaces in 2020.

This award, part of the London Healthy Workplace Award framework which London Sport achieved in 2019, looks at a number of specific standards that contribute to best practice.

For example, these include health and safety, the physical work environment, and the promotion and facilitation of a healthy lifestyle.

House of Sport have always prided ourselves on being more than just an office and co-working space by considering the above standards.

Additionally, we strive to be unique and lead from the front when it comes to the way we do things by being bold and innovative.

With the ultimate aim of being the best place to work, we’re invested in providing a co-working space that recognises the importance of health and wellbeing.

As a result, we are delighted to receive an award that specifically recognises providers of co-working spaces who are doing lots to support their customers’ health and wellbeing.

In fact, we are the first (and currently, only) co-working space in London to receive the award.

Our Ethos

House of Sport is the collaborative hub for sport and physical activity sector in London and we work hard to support our Resident and Associate Member organisations integrate health and wellbeing into the working day.

This award highlights that we are very much living up to our name and living by the practice-what-we-preach message.

Our Residents and Associate Members are more than just numbers; they are individuals that make up our fabulous and diverse community.

Accordingly, workspaces that are person-centred consider factors beyond stable wi-fi connections and good coffee (although these things are important!). They take the time to listen to the wants and needs of those who are using the space.

Our ethos extends far beyond the simple bricks and mortar that house our community, recognising that supporting health and wellbeing is fundamental to increased productivity and creativity in the workplace.

Wellbeing Initiatives 

Our wellbeing initiatives include a weekly timetable of physical activity opportunities including a run club, yoga, boxing and regular cross-organisation football matches.

The really great thing about working from the collaborative hub for the sport and physical activity sector in London is the passion and expertise that our community brings.

For instance, we might be hitting the playground for a spot of Baseball5’s led by Baseball Softball UK or heading to the court to play a friendly game of Netball with England Netball.

House of Sport Netball Team



We also recognise that wellbeing is much more than just physical health; understanding the importance of mental health and social health are key to building a holistic approach.

For this reason, our wellbeing programme includes quarterly Wellness Weeks that focus on a different theme each time, considering things like financial health, sleep, resilience and motivation.

Doggy Des-Stress - Wellness Week

Doggy De-Stress

Fascial Stretching - Wellness Week

Fascial Stretching

What’s Next?

Achieving this award is more than just an end goal for House of Sport.

Health and wellbeing initiatives within communal workspaces require continual review, consultation, and improvement.

Thus, there is a need to be reactive and relevant to current situations; the pandemic, lockdown, and a shift to remote working really highlighted this need.

With a community spread out across the country, in-house events and in-person connections were all off the table.

Consequently, we adapted to online events, consistent communications, engagement opportunities and wellbeing resources to provide continued support. 

Now we are seeing more people join our workspace as lockdown restrictions have been lifted, and people need a flexible co-working space to engage with others a few days a week.

We are really enjoying revising and revitalising our in-person opportunities.

Get Involved

We would encourage all providers of communal workspaces to consider applying for this award.

The application process is useful in helping you consider and document your successes, but more importantly, enables you to identify areas of improvement that could make your workspace even better.

Fancy joining us at the healthiest co-working space in London?

We have a number of great opportunities available to join us with dedicated office space and flexible desk space options available right now.

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