Themed Briefing - January 2021

The Impact Of Communities In Sports

Being involved in a sport or physical activity is so much more than just completing the activity, workout or taking part in a game or match.

Even if we run, cycle or workout alone, there is something about the collective experience of being part of a community that believes in the power of the same pursuit that brings a sense of encouragement and inspiration.

It’s what makes us nod with a sense of knowing as we pass a fellow runner, smile at a cyclist across the street or give a thumbs up to someone in an online workout. There is a shared sense of endeavour, an uplifting feeling of ‘we can do this’.

This first themed briefing of 2021 brings together three different organisations who all embrace the power of community and how they have continued to foster this throughout a year of unbelievable change and disruption. The passion and determination of those behind these organisations and for the work they do stands out and the communities that continue to thrive and grow is testament to a belief in the importance of bringing people together.


Co-founder of Racefully, Chris Pointon talks about how communities can help people start and maintain physical activity and how current restrictions as a result of the pandemic need not be a barrier to the the support communities can give.

Chris shares how communities, even the virtual ones, can help boost commitment to exercise, inspire and motivate and highlights the importance of putting the work in when it comes to maintaining virtual communities.

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Our Parks

Founder and CEO of Our Parks, Born Barikor, gives some fantastic insight into pivoting a business model built on physical communities and people coming together to exercise in groups to one in operating in the digital space as a result of lockdown.

Born talks about developing the new online Couch to Fitness programme and implementing a Facebook group to really tap into creating a community for those taking part. Digital communities provide a space for connection and belonging and a way to build friendships, all things made much more difficult by the pandemic.

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Rugby Football League

Rugby Football League’s Southern Regions Development Manager, Steve Guan, shares how the power of sport can have a real impact at the community level. Sport can unite, engage and really bring communities together outside of just being involved in playing the game.

The team share the great work of Rugby League Foundations and Community Clubs that extend far beyond the game of Rugby, reaching a wide range of people of all ages. Being part of a club or team creates social connections that enhance well-being, something that can filter out into the wider community. There is a real sense of identity that comes with being part of a sport.

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